Develop your professional skills and earn a degree at a price you can afford….

Welcome to New World Open University! We’re a startup university currently applying to the National Universities Commission of Nigeria. Our goal is to offer degree and certificate programmes in professional studies at a cost that students in low and middle income countries can afford. We have a deep seated commitment to your success, because when you join us you’re not just enrolling at university, you’re joining the international community to make higher education accessible to everyone who can benefit from it!

Our focus is on International Business Leadership, and our flagship programmes will be in Business Administration and in Entrepreneurship. Several qualifications will be available: short certificates, two year diplomas, and complete Bachelor of Science degrees. Any courses you take for a certificate or diploma will also apply to the Bachelor degree, and you will be able to progress from one to the next without stopping.

We’re also keen to offer¬†research fellowships and other scholarly opportunities for new and established educators and researchers.

All of our programmes are designed specifically with students from lower income countries in mind. For example, our programmes all emphasise the importance of entrepreneurship and strategic thinking, which are the mindsets and techniques that will help you become the most successful professional you can be. This does not mean that what you learn at Pioneer University won’t apply anywhere in the world, it simply means that we make every effort to address the unique challenges and opportunities found in emerging countries.

In addition, to keep your costs even lower, we sponsor the Free Curricula Centre, which is dedicated to eliminating the high costs of textbooks. At Pioneer University, you’ll never need to pay extra for the course materials you need, not textbooks, lecture notes, or anything else.

Please take a moment to tour our site. If we can answer any questions, please contact us!