Welcome to the faculty site for the Economics and Public Policy programme at New World University.

Our mission is to share in learning about economics and public policy to help our students make a beneficial contribution to society through successful entrepreneurship, business leadership, and policy leadership in their countries and internationally.

Economics is the set of ideas that deals with increasing values and analysing choices about how productive processes are organised 1) to generate wealth for people, 2) to support rule-making that is overall beneficial to the growth of prosperity and freedom, and 3) to empower individuals to better control their futures.

The Commonwealth of Economics points to the benefits of understanding economics, and that economics is something every person can participate in learning about, and that they themselves can contribute insight through thoughtful discussion.

The name Commonwealth refers also to the Commonwealth of Nations and the special focus we place on the people and happenings in these nations, particular those that are economically developing.

On these pages, we will provide content which includes:

  • Links to our open courseware (OER) materials as well as updates and links to courseware under development. We encourage faculty and students to participate and ask questions about our materials, and to help us improve them for maximum educational impact.

  • Links to discussions about economic issues and news on the New World University forum, which is freely open to our students, faculty, and friends, but also the general public.

As the lead maintainer of this site, I will add my own thoughts about studying economics, and link to research of interest.

I invite scholars, new and experienced, who are interested in these affairs to send us links and story ideas that you think we should cover. We can be reached through our email: [commonwealth@newworld.ac]. Also feel free to join us at the forum linked above.

– Kevin D. Rollins, Programme Director of Economics and Public Policy, New World University