Commonwealth100 Now Available to New World University Students

New World University is pleased to announce that we have been corresponding with Common Purpose, a global leadership development organisation that specializes in cross-boundary leadership, to bring to our students a free, online leadership development programme called Commonwealth100.

Information on Commonwealth100

Deadline: Ongoing

Applications are invited for the Commonwealth100 Online Leadership Course. Commonwealth100 is a new, free, crowd-sourced, experiential, online leadership development programme that aims to equip a new generation of young leaders from the Commonwealth with skills relevant to the 21st century, with the Open Source Leadership model.

Open Source Leadership was crowdsourced from and co-created by 1000 young leaders across the Commonwealth in 2017 and identifies five key areas of development crucial for 21st century leadership. Open Source Leaders are: Awake, Interconnected, Trustworthy, Quick, and Accessible.

The founding partners of Commonwealth100 are: The Scottish Government, Bank of Zambia, British Council. Our outreach partners are: RMIT University, Queen Mary University of London, Westpac Bicentennial Foundation


  • Using an interactive platform, you will work with a diverse group of young leaders from across the Commonwealth to explore Open Source Leadership: a new leadership model co-created with over 1,000 young Commonwealth leaders.
  • This is your opportunity to gain practical skills for the future, reflect upon your own leadership style, and move forward with a new perspective on how to make the most positive impact.
  • The course is also an opportunity to connect with and have meaningful discussions with diverse peers from around the world.
  • If you complete the course you can join the Common Purpose Alumni group on LinkedIn, a valuable opportunity to network with our wide network of leaders from around the globe.
  • Also, everyone who completes Commonwealth100 receives the Open Source Leadership Badge: an online badge you can use to set yourself apart, as a 21st Century leader. You can put the badge on your CV and online profiles.


New World University students qualify for the programme:

  • Commonwealth100 is open to young people aged 18+.
  • You may be at the beginning of your career or in Higher or Further Education.


The programme runs every two months for seven weeks and can be completed flexibly. It takes between three to six hours to complete the course. The current course dates are:

  • January 4th through 25th (For the January-February cohort)
  • March 1st through 22nd (For the March-April cohort)
  • May 3rd through 24th (For the May-June cohort)
  • July 5th through 26th (For the July-August cohort)
  • September 6th through 27th (For the September-October cohort)
  • November 1st through 22nd (For the November-December cohort)
  • This will continue to run on a similar pattern through 2020.

Here is the direct link to register for the course:

Here is the link to the Commonwealth100 website:

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  1. This is a very good initiatives and would like to encourage every students most especially from Nigeria study center to join the commonwealth100.long live the president of New world university,long live Mr.Bakare and long live to all the Alumni!

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