Global Strategy

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Global strategy as defined in business terms is an organisation’s strategic guide to globalisation. Such a connected world, allows a business’s revenue to not be to be confined by borders. A business can employ a global business strategy to reap the rewards of trading in a worldwide market. A sound global strategy should address questions such as the extent of market presence in the world’s major markets, how to build the necessary global presence, optimal locations around the world for the various value chain activities, and how to run global presence into a global competitive advantage.

This course relies with our gratitude on the first edition of Global Strategy by Cornelis A. “Kees” de Kluyver, and as such its long form readings are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

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Introduction to Global Strategy

Competing in a Global World

The Globalization of Companies and Industries

Generic Strategies for Global Value Creation

Global Strategy as Business Model Change

Target Markets and Modes of Entry

Globalizing the Value Proposition

Global Branding

Globalizing the Value Chain Infrastructure

Global Supply-Chain Management

Globalizing the Management Model

Global Trade: Doctrines and Regulation