International Finance Policy

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This course is an overview of the real world with respect to international finance. It explains not only how things look now but also where we have been and why things changed along the way. It describes current economic conditions and past trends with respect to the most critical international macroeconomic indicators. In particular, it compares the most recent worldwide economic recession with past business cycle activity to put our current situation into perspective. It also discusses important institutions and explains why they have been created.

This course relies with our gratitude on International Finance: Theory and Policy by Steve Suranovic from George Washington University. More information about this work is available here.

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Introductory Finance Issues

National Income and the Balance of Payments Accounts

The Whole Truth about Trade Imbalances

Foreign Exchange Markets and Rates of Return

Interest Rate Parity

Purchasing Power Parity

Interest Rate Determination

National Output Determination

The AA-DD Model

Policy Effects with Floating Exchange Rates

Fixed Exchange Rates

Policy Effects with Fixed Exchange Rates

Fixed versus Floating Exchange Rates