Free Curricula Centre

Supporting innovative practice in curriculum and instruction…

The Free Curricula Centre is a community of research and practice founded in 2003 with the goal of reducing the cost of textbooks and other curricular materials to zero through the use of open educational resources (OER).

FCC is now housed at New World University, where it supports the university’s mission to provide quality, affordable higher education to individuals in economically developing countries.


We are proud to announce our OpenCourseWare initiative! We have released all of the course materials we use in our International Business Leadership programme for all to use, copy, modify, and remix.

Additional Areas of Interest

Since FCC first opened, many OER textbooks have been developed, and many excellent organisations exist to continue that development. As a result, the Centre is currently interested in adding value to those that already exist:

  • The first of these is Multimedia Enhancement, in which playlists of videos or podcasts are created that are designed to accompany existing OER textbooks produced by others. In our own use with textbooks, partners and students have asked for these sorts of multimedia enhancements to the OER textbooks we use in our programmes. These playlists can consist of original material, or curated playlists of material found on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo or on PeerTube instances.
  • The second of these is Mobile Textbooks, in which OER textbooks that are only available in PDF or Word format are converted to EPUB format so that they can be readily used on mobile devices, including smartphones.

If you are interested in helping us with either of these projects, please reach out by email to