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Undergraduate Admissions

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Are You Qualified?

There are a number of ways that one should be qualified before enrolling in a programme of higher education. At New World University, we believe that know one knows you better than you know yourself, and we maintain a policy of self assessment when it comes to being ready to succeed in an academic programme. Here are some issues you may wish to consider as you make your decision.

English Proficiency

At this time English is the only language of instruction available through New World University. While we do not require any test of English proficiency to enrol, we urge you to consider that to succeed in any of our programmes, a working knowledge of English is required so that you may read and understand the suggested study materials and instructions. If you have successfully completed study in a previous programme in English, we expect you can succeed in our programmes as well.

In addition, if your use of written English is uncertain, we strongly urge you to take advantage of our discussion forum, one section of which is devoted entirely to being a friendly place where students can practice writing English and receive constructive advice on how to improve.

Academic Preparation

Are you prepared academically for university level studies? That is a more challenging question to answer than you might think, and it's one that no entry test can reliably predict. Here are some questions to ask yourself as part of your self-assessment.

  • Did you complete a secondary education programme?
  • Have you ever enrolled in a higher education programme before?
  • Are you capable of understanding academic material that you have read?
  • Do university graduates you know recommend you consider higher education?


While assistance is available through our discussion forum should you need questions answered about the material you are studying, in general your schedule is entirely up to you. This means that you must remained disciplined, continuing your studies as you can throughout your programme. We have observed that students who otherwise may not seem ready but who have the determination to succeed usually will — and that those who are otherwise well prepared but not determined often will not do as well. Do you have the drive to complete your programme? Only you can decide.

Deciding When To Apply

Some universities make it difficult to know when to apply. They maintain application deadlines, and have sometimes as few as one start date per year. At New World University we know that once you've made the decision to move forward with your degree or other qualification, you probably want to start as soon as possible. And with our educational model of guided independent study, you can do exactly that!

What that means is that you may apply to join our community at any time, and as soon as your application has been processed, you may start right away.

Put simply, the time to apply is now!

Earn your degree without paying tuition fees? Yes, you can!

What Your Degree Will Cost

For many students who are considering enrolling at university, one of the most important questions to them is what it will cost. New World University is part of the international community to make higher education accessible to all those who can benefit from it, and as a result strives to keep costs as low as possible.

There are three categories of fees. For each subject you study toward your programme, there is an examination fees and, depending on your mode of study, a tuition fee. There is also a fee to have a transcript sent on your behalf.

Mode of Study Tuition Fee Exam Fee Total per Subject Total for BSc
Guided Independent Study $0 $60 $60 $900
Classroom Instruction varies by country typically included varies varies

Currently we do not have a tuition fee for guided independent study subjects, and the exam fee for each subject is just $60. This means that the total fees for a year's worth of academic credit are typically $300, and that you can complete your Bachelor's degree, start to finish, for a total cost of just $900. Note also that it is not necessary to pay for more than one subject at a time, you may pay as you go without penalty.

The only other fee charged is to send a transcript on your behalf, which costs $10 if sent by post and $50 if sent by courier. We do not require any other fees of any kind. There are no technology fees, service fees, library fees, or other hidden charges. Even better, we try to suggest study materials that are freely available, so that you will not incur significant additional expense from textbooks, which at other universities can amount to thousands of dollars!

Moreover, if you join our community and continue to make satisfactory part-time academic progress by earning at least three subjects per year, then even if there is an increase in fees for new students, that increase will not apply to you. You will stay at your original rate no matter how long you are a New World University student or how many qualifications you earn. This way, you can make reliable plans for your studies without worrying that changes in tuition or exam fees will get between you and your goals.

Note: All figures are in U.S. dollars. This page refers to undergraduate programmes in International Business Leadership.

Learning Centre Fees

For those students who use services available from learning centres, fees may vary. Consult your local learning centre for details.

What Happens Next?

Once your application is received, we'll review it and respond with a list of necessary documents. You will be able to send us those documents by scanning them and sending them to us by email as a PDF document. Instruction on how to do this will accompany our request.

Generally speaking, the documents required will be a government-issued identification, such as a passport, and any transcripts from previous institutions you have attended.

At that time, you will also receive information about enrolling in your first subject so you can start progress right away toward your chosen degree or other qualification. Note that you may not graduate or have a transcript sent from us on your behalf until we have received all required documents.

Have Any Questions?

For more information, please contact us.