Future Programmes

New World University is considering offering Bachelor’s degree programmes and related undergraduate certificates and diplomas in a number of additional areas, including:

Public Policy and Economics. This programme will cover economics with a focus on economic development. Unlike at many universities, a variety of different schools of economic thought will be represented in the curriculum.

Education. This programme will focus on the knowledge, skills, and abilities that schoolteachers need at the primary and secondary level. Topics will include pedagogy, technology, classroom management, fostering innovative thinking, administration, and more.

Information Systems. This programme is meant for those interested in careers in ICTs, and focuses on open source technologies that not only are in demand among professionals but are also particularly useful for ICT entrepreneurs in economically developing societies.

Journalism. Providing accurate information and useful analysis to the public is more important than ever. This programme will train those who seek to undertake this important societal responsibility.

Professional Studies. This programme will allow students to design a cross-disciplinary programme that meets their specific needs.

For more information, or to offer your opinion on what programmes we should offer, pleaseĀ contact us.