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Supporting innovative practice in curriculum and instruction

New World University is a collection of educational practitioners who are brought together by a shared interest in innovation in the way higher education is provided to students in low and middle income students. Currently, we are particularly interested in supporting practitioners who are working with the issue of how to provide the best possible distance education to students in low and middle income countries who face challenges that accompany economic development and globalisation.

If you share this interest, we invite you to apply for a Research Fellowship. Research Fellows receive benefits such as access to New World University's online library system, guaranteed placement to present at any conferences we sponsor, and opportunities to network amongst likeminded practitioners and scholars. While the fellowships do not currently attract a stipend, our Research Fellows are considered as part of the faculty of New World University and are entitled to list such as an academic affiliation.

In addition, for those higher education practitioners who are prepared to work with our senior faculty members to follow a specialised course of study, IDEA also offers Master of Education and Doctor of Education programmes in Curriculum and Instruction. Please note that admission to these programmes is competitive, as only a limited number of practitioners may be supervised by our faculty at any one time.

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For more information or to enquire how to apply to any of these programmes, please contact us in care of New World University.