South-South Cooperation

Did you know that today, 12th September, is South-South Cooperation Day? Our Student Handbook explains our view; it is the first of our Community Values:

New World University is based in the Commonwealth of Dominica in the West Indies. This location in a small middle-income country rather than a larger, wealthier nation is purposeful. For too long those in both the global South and the global North have looked solely to the North as the source of intellectual leadership. This is untenable in a changing world in which such developing countries as Nigeria, India, Malaysia, and China are emerging as important engines of world economic growth. If globalisation means that these countries are to play a larger economic role in the world, it must also mean that they will play a larger role in other spheres, such as world culture and cross-border higher education. New World University is therefore deliberately established as a means of South-South cooperation.