Organisational Behaviour

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Organisational Behaviour is the study of how people behave in organisational settings. It is a social science that must be understood by those who seek to lead others and maintain productive organisational environments. This course emphasizes active learning, meaningful examples, and tools you can use today or put into your professional toolbox for the years to come. It includes opening cases that bring the topics to life, explanations with information you can use today, a section in each lesson on cross-cultural implications, and a section in each lesson on ethical implications, including ethical dilemmas.

This course relies with our gratitude on the first revision of the first edition of An Introduction to Organizational Behavior by Talya Bauer and Berrin Erdogan; and as such its long form readings are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License. Note that the authors are American and use U.S. English.



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Organizational Behavior

Managing Demographic and Cultural Diversity

Understanding People at Work: Individual Differences and Perception

Individual Attitudes and Behaviors

Theories of Motivation

Designing a Motivating Work Environment

Managing Stress and Emotions


Managing Groups and Teams

Conflict and Negotiations

Making Decisions

Leading People Within Organizations

Power and Politics

Organizational Structure and Change

Organizational Culture